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We are eager to get back to community—back to our Bible study and community of friends who encourage us to become the image of God! You are welcome here.

JOIN US IN SEPTEMBER 2024: We will begin a new study, Discovering Our Dignity.

Women of the Old and New Testaments were as flawed and broken as we can be, yet the power of God worked in their lives. Discovering Our Dignity will allow you to learn from their experiences and uncover ways to deal with unwanted circumstances and deferred hopes. Click here for our 2024-2025 Schedule.

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    Small group leaders are essential for our Bible Study. You will be given a small group leader's guide and the lesson answers will be reviewed together before each lesson (at a convenient time determined by leaders).
    Occasionally, we need a substitute small group leader. As a sub teacher, you will be given the small group leader's guide and the lesson answers will be reviewed together before each lesson (at a convenient time determined by leaders).

That Man Is You!

That Man is You! (TMIY)
We’d love to have you be a part of this life-changing program!

TMIY is an interactive men’s program focused on the development of male leadership in the modern world. It combines the best research from science with the teachings of the Catholic faith and the wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of authentic men capable of transforming themselves, their families, and the greater society. The new year brings together 6 dynamic speakers with a wide range of specialties to the TMIY stage to present “All Things New”. It is the same great format with new engaging personalities. We start with coffee/fellowship at 6:30 AM followed by a 30-minute video and end at 8:00 AM after small group discussions.

Our Spring Semester will begin on Friday, Jan. 12th @ 6:30 am in St. Joseph’s Hall. In order to cover our coffee supply, an RSVP through the form below is requested but not required to attendALL WALK-INS ARE WELCOME!

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Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study on Thursdays | 2 to 3:30 pm | St. Joseph’s Hall

The Women’s Bible Study will begin again on Thursday, Jan. 18, at 2 p.m. We will be studying Dr. Pitre’s “Genesis and the Books of Moses.”

The book of Genesis may well be the most exciting and mysterious book in the Bible. For Jews of Jesus’ day, the most important part of the Bible was none other than the Five Books of Moses (a.k.a. the Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). For thousands of years, these five books laid the foundations of Jewish and Christian belief about God, creation, man, Adam and Eve, Original Sin, the Flood, Moses and the Exodus, the Tabernacle, the Law, and on and on.

In modern times, however, no book of the Bible has been more attacked or more misunderstood than the book of Genesis. There is also no other part of the Bible about which people have tougher questions than the Five Books of the Pentateuch. In this long-awaited full-length Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a guided tour through Genesis and the books of Moses. After years of research and teaching the Pentateuch, in this electrifying new series, Dr. Pitre answers common questions such as:

• Did Moses write the Pentateuch? What does the Catholic Church teach?
• What about the theory of multiple authors “J, E, D, and P”?
• Do the two accounts of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 contradict one another?
• How do we interpret the Six Days of Creation?
• Were Adam and Eve historical figures, or are they just symbolic?
• Was the Fall a historical event, or is it fictional “mythology”?
• What have the Popes said about Creation, Evolution, and Original Sin?
• Were the “Sons of God” who married the “Daughters of Men” really Angels?
• How do we interpret the account of Noah’s Flood?
• Are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob historical figures or legends?
• Why did God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac?
• Did Moses really lead the Israelites out of Egypt? Is the Exodus a legend?
• What is the meaning of the Ten Plagues against Egypt? Were they miraculous?
• What is the key to understanding the Ten Commandments?
• Why did God demand Animal Sacrifices and Kosher Food Laws?
• Why does God allow the Israelites to engage in Holy War?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these topics; if you’ve ever been stumped by tough questions about Creation and the Fall; if you’ve wondered how the ancient Church Fathers, modern biblical scholars, and the Catholic Church’s magisterium answer these and other questions, then this is the Bible study for you.

Please let us know if you would like more information about our Women’s Bible Study through the form below.

MOQ Women's Bible Study

Men’s Monday Morning Bible Study

Men’s Bible Study will start the Gospel According to John on Monday, September 18, 2023, from 7 to 8 a.m. in St.  Joseph’s Hall in the Parish Life Center and meet every Monday thereafter. 

Monday Mornings starting September 18
7 am to 8 am in the St. Joseph’s Hall

No prior Bible study experience is necessary. For more information or to get on the weekly email list, please contact us through the form below:

Rite of Christian Intiation for ADULTS

Are You Wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith? RCIA is a weekly program on Sunday mornings for those adults who want to better understand the Catholic faith with the goal, if they choose, of becoming fully initiated members. It is the perfect opportunity for:

  • those who are baptized as a Christian but would like to investigate the Catholic faith & see what it is all about.
  • those who were baptized Catholic but have fallen away and/or never received the sacraments of 1st communion or confirmation.
  • Parents who want to fully enter into the Catholic Church to better teach & guide their child in the faith.

Sessions are at 9:30 a.m. in the Upstairs Cenacle Conference Room located in the Trinity Building.

For more information and to start your RCIA process, contact us through the form below.

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