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“Confirmation is a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit like that of Pentecost. This outpouring impresses on the soul an indelible character and produces a growth in the grace of Baptism. It roots the recipient more deeply in divine sonship, binds him more firmly to Christ and to the Church and reinvigorates the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his soul. It gives a special strength to witness to the Christian faith.”

From the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church #268

The Sacrament of Confirmation confers a permanent (indelible) mark on the soul of the recipient, gifting the recipient with the fullness of God’s seven-fold Gifts, which in turn produce great fruits in the soul of the believer (see below).

Normally in our diocese, children receive this Sacrament in or around 10th grade. In order to receive either First Holy Communion or Confirmation, if students are not in our Catholic Schools system, they must attend two full years of religious instruction in our parish’s Christian Formation (CCD) program. Adults who did not receive this Sacrament as a child and who would like to receive this most important gift of God, may enroll in our RCIA program.

Calendar of Events

April 26 Parent and Teen Meeting: 7-8 pm in rooms 202 & 203 in the Sanctuary Building
June 1 Register & pay for your child’s Confirmation
Permission Slip Completed
Original Baptismal Certificate with First Eucharist Certificate Due
June 11&13 Confirmation Class 7-9 pm in the Youth Room
July 1 Parent Interview Completed
July 23&25 Confirmation Class 7-9 pm in the Youth Room
August 25-26 Attend Confirmation Retreat at Covecrest
August 27&29 Confirmation Class 7-9 pm in the Youth Room
August 30 Sign up for an interview with Father Darragh
September 9 Attend Life Teen
Saint Report on Chosen Saint and Sponsor Form Due
September 16 Attend Life Teen
September 23 Attend Life Teen
September 30 Attend Life Teen
Complete Service Hours Log Due
October 13 Confirmation Practice with Candidate and SPonsor (9-11 am) Meet in Kiernan Hall
October 14 Confirmation with Archbishop Gregory
Mass is at 11 am with a reception in Kiernan Hall to follow.
Candidate and sponsors arrive at 9:30 am
October 21 Begin new life as fully Member of the Catholic Church
Continue Life Teen
Continue Volunteering for service to our parish

Have Questions?

With any questions about our children’s programs please contact:

Deacon Bill Boyd
Confirmation Coordinator
Phone: 770-293-8320