Welcome to Mary Our Queen

Welcome To Our Visitors!

On behalf of the parishioners of Mary Our Queen and Pastor, Rev. Darragh Griffith we welcome you to our website! We are always seeking new ways to get our message to parishioners, prospective parishioners, and visitors of our beautiful parish. Please use this site to access the information you need about our parish, our ministries and to strengthen your faith.  We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.  Our parish family is growing continually and our families are involved in over 30 ministries. Please carefully consider using your time and talent to support the message of Christ through our ministries.

Please be sure to introduce your self to our Pastor and visit the welcome table after mass. We invite you to become part of our parish home here at Mary Our Queen. God Bless you and your family!

Through God’s grace, we dedicated our permanent church in March of 2019. Our new church is more than just a building. The preservation of the unique artifacts from St. Gerard, plus the combination of a century-old classic design of a century-old church beautifully appointed makes it an inviting place to worship for all. We strive to be a good neighbor by sharing the resources we have because, as Catholics, we believe it is our mission to serve others, inside and outside of our parish.

With the new church in place, we were able to vacate our temporary church and use this much-needed space as a parish hall with a future commercial kitchen in the plans. In addition, the current parish hall is being converted into a much-needed facility for our youth teen program. Our improved facilities will allow our parishioners to participate in our many ministries, serve others and leave a lasting legacy for the next generation of Catholics to worship in Peachtree Corners.

Please enjoy our chronological slide show documenting the progress we’ve made!

  • In 1997, Mary Our Queen broke ground on building our former sanctuary officiated by retired priest Father David Dye and the late Msgr. Donald Kiernan. The buildings were always considered to be temporary facilities until we could one day build our permanent church.