Wedding Reservation Form

As you consider the Sacrament of Marriage in our parish, please follow the below requirements:

STEP #1 – Complete and Submit the Wedding Reservation Form below. We request you submit your Wedding Reservation no fewer than 9 months prior to your desired wedding date.

STEP #2 – If you will receive the required Wedding Preparation from a clergy outside of MOQ, you will need to obtain and submit a Letter of Commitment from the priest who will be preparing you.
The Commitment Letter should contain the following:
1) Name of Priest preparing your paperwork
2) Name of Parish where the priest is located and contact information.
3) If you are obtaining your own celebrant, the priest preparing the paperwork will inform you of the process. Our Pastor required faculties before he will give permission to marry here at Mary Our Queen.
We will not shedule and confirm your wedding date until we receive the commitment letter from your priest.

Step #3 – Once the Wedding Reservation Form and Letter of Commitment (if applicable) are submitted, the office will check your 3 preferred Wedding dates and communicate what is available. Once you have confirmed your date, a 50% deposit will be required to reserve your date on our calendar, with the balance due 3 months prior to your finalized date. Payments may be mailed, dropped off or processed online through our website.