COVID 19 | Mass Procedures for MOQ


We look forward to seeing our parishioners return to mass and ask for your prayers as we follow the guidelines issued by our government and the Archdiocese of Atlanta. For the latest update from Archbishop Hartmayer’s end to the Dispensation starting with the Pentecost Vigil Mass (May 22), please click HERE

Capacity & Seating Availability
• To maintain a 3-foot social distance in all directions in our main sanctuary, our maximum capacity will be approximately 250 people per Mass in the Sanctuary
• Attendance will be on a “first come first seated” basis — beginning 30 minutes prior to each Mass.  We encourage parishioners to arrive early for our weekend liturgies.
•  Due to the necessity to wipe down the pews and other high-touch surfaces in the church between each Mass, entrance to the church will be through the narthex center doors only

Arrival Procedures
• For those who have been Vaccinated: Face Masks ARE NOT required for those who have been vaccinated and are 2 weeks out from their last shot.
• For those who have not been Vaccinated: Face Masks ARE required for those who have not been vaccinated.

MOQ will operate on the honor system for each parishioner’s decision on whether to wear or not wear a mask as suggested by Archbishop Hartmayer, trusting that all the faithful will be sensitive to this transition period we are entering with the pandemic.
• Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the Church if you desire to use. Masks will be available for any who may need them.
• The center doors leading to the narthex will open 30 minutes prior to the start of Mass.  NOTE: The side doors will not be open for entry access.
• The holy water fonts will remain empty.
• The church will be seated to fill the open pews from front to back, every other pew.  The pews between each open pew will be closed-off with a red ribbon.
• Seating preference may not be able to be accomplished as we expect a very full Church.  You are asked to please follow the seating directives of our volunteer Ushers.
• You may be sharing a pew with another household with a social distance of 3 ft between each household (which may be an individual, a couple, or multiple members of a family). If you are not comfortable with the 3 feet of social distance, please notify an Usher who will help you relocate to another seat in the Sanctuary if available.

Mass and Communion Procedures
• There is to be no physical contact between separate households, such as the Sign of Peace or hand-holding during the Lord’s Prayer.
• Please continue to maintain social distance in the Communion Line as Marked on the Floor
• For the Unvaccinated faithful requiring a face mask: while in communion line, please maintain the social distance as marked on the floor. After the minister presents you with the Eucharist, step to the side, remove your mask, and consume the Eucharist immediately. Then replace your mask before you head back to your pew using the side aisles only. (The precious blood will not be distributed.)
• For the Vaccinated faithful: please return the normal procedure (pre-Covid) of receiving and consuming the Eucharist, making sure to maintain the social distance as marked on the floor. (The precious blood will not be distributed.)

Departure Procedures
• After the final blessing, parishioners must remain in their pew until dismissed.
• Clergy will not shake hands in the narthex or front plaza.

Church Cleaning Procedures
• We will continue to implement cleanliness and sanitation practices, including disinfecting pews between every Mass.

We do expect the policies of both the Diocese of Atlanta and of Mary Our Queen to continue to change as time goes on. We will keep you informed of the changes as they occur. Know that we greatly appreciate your understanding and support as we return to the time where we will once again have an open Church without the restrictions the COVID pandemic have forced upon us.