Family Faith Formation

For the 2022-2023 Faith Formation year, Mary Our Queen’s plan is to follow a Lectionary model of Catechesis.  Our program encompasses the entire family from Pre-K to adulthood. It is our hope to serve each and every family in our parish. We ask that all families register in faith formation whether you attend public school, catholic school, or home school. By registering, you will stay up to date about parent and family events and help us to better serve you. When you register you can choose either at-home/at-school lead formation or parish lead family faith formation.

All families, regardless of where your child attends school are welcome and invited to participate in the parish faith formation program, but those in Catholic school or an approved home school program can also choose the at-home/at-school learning option. We do hope those doing at-home/at-school learning join us for our parent and family events throughout the year. There is no cost for at-home/at-school learning unless your child is in a sacramental formation year. 

The Holy Father has reminded us that the strength of our faith depends on the family, the “domestic church”.  The Catechism teaches us that the parents are the primary educators of the faith and the role of the church is to assist them on this journey.  In this time of pandemic, the Archdiocese of Atlanta has called us to re-focus our faith formation program and be family centered.  As we return to in person classes we will continue to focus on the parent as the primary educator of the faith and continue to have the family table (sharing of the Sunday Gospel) as our central model of Catechesis.

For Registration Purposes, please Register for the Model best for your family.


Option One:  Family Faith Formation Families will have approximately three in person classes a month and one home study family lessons a month.  Parents will be required to attend one Parent session each month and are encouraged to share the weekly Sunday Gospel each week as a family.  Pre-K (3 and 4 year old) thru 5thgrade classes will be on Sunday mornings from 9:45 am-10:45 am giving families the opportunity to attend Mass either before class at 8:30 am or after class at 11:00 am or 5 pm.  High School and Middle School classes will be on Sunday evening from 6:00-8:00pm following the 5pm Mass

Option Two:  An At-Home/At-School Family Catechesis program that is taught entirely at home or in Catholic school (no in-person classes).  This option is only available to those families whose children attend Catholic school or use an approved home school program. Parents choosing this option will be invited to attend one Sunday morning Parent session each month. If you would like supplemental materials to use at home please contact Nancy O’Reilly and we can provide those to you for a small fee.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Faith Formation through the form below.

1st WEEK OF CLASSES – Sunday, September 11th

1st PARENT MEETING – Sunday, September 11 at 9:45 in Parish Hall

Please Note: Sacramental Programs will be free standing and separate from faith formation weekly classes.

Click HERE to download our 2022-2023 Faith Formation Calendar

Tuition Rates:

$100 per child; 3 or more children, $250 payable online through our website HERE



Questions? Please contact us through form below: