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Vacation Bible School – Living with Courage

VBS returns to Mary Our Queen July 11-14 (9:00am – 12:00pm). We hope your children will join us for a four day mini-camp to experience the bible is a new and fun way!

Registration is open on the website on for children, adult volunteers, and teen volunteers.

– Campers– Pre-K to 5th Grade (must be 4 years of age by July 1st). Cost is $40 per camper or $150 per family. VBS Parent Adult Volunteers pay half price!
 Teen volunteers Must be 12 or older and can register online or email Leigh Anne Butrum to sign up.


Teen Volunteers REGISTER HERE!

Adult Volunteers REGISTER HERE!

The Eucharist is a gift that is given to the child as they grow in their faith. Our Pflaum Gospel Weeklies “Together in Jesus” prepares the child to receive this gift through faith formation groups and retreats. First Reconciliation and First Communion normally happen in 2nd grade.  A child must have completed First grade faith formation or Catholic school with good attendance to be eligible for these sacraments.

To be eligible for the sacraments of First Reconciliation/First Holy Communion, please follow the below guidelines.

Each child registering for these Sacraments will need to:

1) Supply a copy of the Baptismal Certificate with registration for First Penance and First Holy Communion.

2) Be a registered, active family member of the parish

3) Be in 2nd grade or above having satisfactorily completed the previous year of Faith Formation.

4) Be registered to attend one of the following:

1) Mary Our Queen’s Faith Formation classes

2) Catholic School Religious Education classes

3) Accredited Home School Religious Education program

In addition, parents are expected to attend the following with their child:

1) First Reconciliation Prep will be made up of 3 classes plus a retreat.

First Reconciliation Classes  (Student only) – November 8, 15 , 29 at 6:30 – 7:45pm

First Reconciliation Retreat  (Student and parent) – January 21 at 9:30am – 12:30pm

First Reconciliation – Saturday, January 28 at 10:00am

2) First Communion Prep will be made up of 3 classes plus a retreat.

First Communion Classes  (Student only) – March 7, 14, and 21, 6:30-7:45pm

First Communion Retreat  (student and parent) – April 22, 9:30am – 12:30pm

First Communion Rehearsal – Saturday, May 20, 10:00am

First Communion – Sunday , May 21, 11:00am Mass

Children who haven’t received the Sacrament of Baptism and/or are entering the church as an older candidate for First Penance and First Holy Communion will need to work directly with the DRE through our Christian Initiation program.

“Confirmation is a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit like that of Pentecost. This outpouring impresses on the soul an indelible character and produces a growth in the grace of Baptism. It roots the recipient more deeply in divine sonship, binds him more firmly to Christ and to the Church and reinvigorates the gifts of the Holy Spirit in his soul. It gives a special strength to witness to the Christian faith.”

From the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church #268

The Sacrament of Confirmation confers a permanent (indelible) mark on the soul of the recipient, gifting the recipient with the fullness of God’s seven-fold Gifts, which in turn produce great fruits in the soul of the believer (see below).

Normally in our diocese, children receive this Sacrament in or around 10th grade. In order to receive Confirmation, a child must attend two full years of religious instruction in our parish’s Youth Ministry program, attend Catholic school, or an approved homeschool program. All students seeking Confirmation should register for the Sacrament in their 10th grade year.

Catholic School/Homeschool:

Families registered at Mary Our Queen with teenagers in Catholic school or an approved homeschool program must register their child for Confirmation in 10th grade. All 10th graders will be required to complete the Confirmation program requirements for each year.

Adults who did not receive this Sacrament as a child and who would like to receive this most important gift of God may enroll in our RCIA program.

Read More information about Confirmation HERE