Example of Products

Altar of Repose

Altar of Repose— The Altar of Repose from St Gerard is made of Crema Marfil Marble and spans 3/4 the altar width flanked by marble pedestals for our altar flowers. The Altar will be reconstructed, cleaned and polished.

Donation Needed: $25,000 ~ Please Inquire

General Funding

There are so many small items that need to be done, a donation to the General Fund for Furnishings will make a big difference in all the little touches that will make this Church our home.

Funding Needed:  $100

Set of Iron Gates

The Iron Gates we acquired from St. Gerard will be widened and placed on the endo the side aisles in front of our devotionals. We need to solder pieces together, clean, prime and paint the gates.

1 Set is SOLD, Remaining Donation Needed: $5000