Building Our Future

Mary Our Queen parish in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, is a thriving Catholic community in the heart of the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Our members have identified GRACE as the primary focus for our parish faith journey:

Growing ministry to youth;
Renewing faith through sacrificial giving;
Achieving unity through fellowship;
Communicating our presence; and
Evangelizing and sharing the faith.

The Need

Our parish has grown and is limited in ministering to the needs of our church family and greater community by a lack of functional space. Our current buildings were always intended as a temporary place to celebrate Mass and conduct parish activities. We require additional facilities to participate in faith experiences, to serve others and to leave a lasting legacy for the next generation of Catholics.

Both inside and outside our parish, Mary Our Queen ministries focus on families and youth. We strive to be a good neighbor by sharing the resources we have because, as Catholics, we believe it is our mission to serve others, inside and outside of our parish. A lack of space for classes and large group gatherings puts our various ministries in competition for basic resources and restricts their service to others. It also limits our ability to share space with worthy community partners that mirror our concern for families and youth, and can provide additional resources.

The Solution

Through God’s grace, we have reached an important milestone in our journey. Building a permanent church on Mary Our Queen’s property will allow us to vacate our temporary church and use this much needed space as a parish hall and commercial kitchen. It will also provide additional meeting and work space for various ministries in the parish life building, making it possible to convert Kiernan Hall into a facility for our youth teen program.

This is an opportunity to glorify God by building a uniquely beautiful church while addressing the challenge of inadequate parish facilities.

Current Status

We have already raised $3 million for the construction of a new church and refurbishing of existing space through the first Space for GRACE Capital Campaign launched in 2007. Now we need everyone’s help to bridge the gap between our original investment and construction of a new church.