Gospel Reflection | 4/3

Reflection| April 3

In the Gospel for mass on April third, we hear Jesus say, “if I do not perform my Father’s works, do not believe me.’ Jesus indeed did many works. But it begs the question, ‘What do works mean?” To do works is more than just physical. Celebrating the liturgy is a work. Prayer is work. Indeed our whole lives are works. As St Therese said, “all is Gift, all is grace.’

The coronavirus has changed the way we work or the works we do. Our hearts go out to all who have lost their jobs. We pray for them.  As I am isolated somewhat from you and you from me, I am challenged to work in a different way, digitally. And I know many of you are at home and finding new challenges that you never thought existed. Indeed who would have expected this?  But I get great consolation from Cassuade who speaks of seeing every event as stamped with the will of God. This event of the virus has slowed us down and forced us to go inwards. The saints would have seen this event as the will of God for now and they would make use of what this time brings. They would be formed by the works of the moment.

So I propose that we see God in all our trials, works, and sufferings at this time. JP Cassuade says, ‘love of God comes to us through all our works but hidden as it is in the Blessed Sacrament’. So even deprived of the sacrament of the Eucharist, we still have the sacrament of the present moment. Making an act of spiritual communion at Livestream mass is a powerful way of drawing fruit.

We have heard how important it is at this time to have a routine, to get up, pray, read scripture, get fresh air, wash hands. These are works that we can find God in. Indeed the bread that nourished the faith of Mary and Joseph was the sacrament of the present moment. Faith is the key. Faith means we see God in all our works. So let our faith be nourished today by our works in the present moment. If we do, then we, too, will become saints.